Welcome to “Dave on ANON….” the floating leather shop & workshop onboard narrowboat  “Anon….”

( For those of you confused by the name, boaters often refer to other boaters by their first name and their boat name as we don’t often know, and don’t need to know their surname.)

All our leather is from approved certified sources from around the world, and includes cow hides, goat skins, pig skins and snake skins.

We don’t use any recycled leather or as it is more accurately called reconstituted leather as we feel that the process totally destroys the beauty of natural leather.  

(To create recycled  or reconstituted leather the discarded leather scraps must be shredded and put through a series of scouring processes to clean it. Next, the resulting blend of shredded leather material is dyed then glued together with resin and catalysers. This product is then pressed  into sheets and a top coat of polyurethane added. So yes it’s leather( and it’s a lot cheaper), but not what most people think of as leather.)

We have been cruising the canals of England & Wales on our narrow boat “ANON….” Since 1992, selling our leather work.

Our range of leather work has increased over the years from theOriginal leather windlass Holster or holder in use.  original windlass holster I made for myself , because I couldn’t find one that held my windlass secure and didn’t scratch the side of the boat when walking the gunwales.

More styles of windlass holsters were added, with a range of made to measure belts to match.

We now have Dog ware, Key Cases, Shoulder bags, Belt Bags, Leather Trinket Trays, Bracelets, Leather Vases, Bottle holders,Purses and wallets in various sizes and styles.

More items are being added all the time.

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Dave on ANON…. The Floating Leather Shop.

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